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Digital cute pixel planner for gamers and streamers 2023!

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A perfect planner for gamers to structure your life and gaming experience! 

Among the 45 pages in this PDF you will find templates for:

- yearly plan (2023 calendar)

- monthly plan layout

- weekly plan layout

- daily plan layout

- notes (4 different layouts with plain, dots and lines!)

- game log 

- game wishlist

- streaming notes 

- streaming special monthly planner

- an easily accessible index page for your planner

The planner has cute pixel design to lighten your mood every day. You will find a guide on how to use it on one of the first pages. 

Be creative and show your personality with this journal! Level up! 

Let us know if you have any questions or issues or whether you need any other pages/templates. If we don’t have it yet and decide to do it, you’ll get it for free! Let us know on twitter tagging @gulbrandr1 or @anngraigh (the team of ‘Journeys of time’).

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Digital cute pixel planner for gamers and streamers 2023!

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